Café Bossa Nova was founded in March 2002 by Rosalia and Dan Monroe. Rosalia, using the recipes she carried in her heart from her native Brazil, and with the support of her husband Dan, her sons Marcio and Joe, and her daughter Adriana, the restaurant was started in what once was the kitchen of the old Café di Roma. In a tiny kitchen, with only a hot plate burner and a conventional oven, Rosalia started serving lunch to a curious crowd who immediately acquired a taste for her now famous cheese bread and black beans and rice.

In response to growing demand from her lunchtime customers, she began serving dinner as well, and in January of 2005 Café Bossa Nova doubled its serving space, expanded its kitchen and its cuisine. Her patrons now enjoy Cafe Bossa Nova six days a week, including Sunday Brunch serving both Brazilian and American breakfast plates with a South American twist.

In December of 2010, they opened the doors of Rosalia’s Family Bakery right next door to the restaurant. It has become a regular stop for Hillcrest residents and visitors for great coffee drinks, pastries, and savories made from international recipes as well as those special Brazilian treats.

Rosalia’s love of people in both Arkansas and the world translates into her wonderful dishes, soothing Bossa Nova music and an atmosphere that reflects the warmth of her Brazilian culture. Our staff is friendly, attentive and professional, and are considered family by the owners. The majority of their waitstaff have been with them from the beginning and they know most patrons by their first name. Both management and staff have had international experience and understand the value of good service. Patrons will never be constantly interrupted or rushed by the waitstaff during their dining experience, and they will enjoy attentive, friendly, and informative service. Café Bossa Nova guarantees good food with a Brazilian accent at reasonable prices. They believe that creating and re-creating food that has the authentic character of Rosalia’s beloved Brazil has been the reason that Café Bossa Nova has become a reliable and consistent stop for people that love good places to dine.

Our staff is friendly and courteous, and will happily answer any questions you may have about our dishes.